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When RefWorks users who use the APA style login to complete a bibliography, it is now possible to use the latest, 6th edition. To do so, Click on the tab marked Bibliography and next to the drop-down menu marked Output Style select Output Style Manager. Select APA 6th edition and Add to Favorites.

Please beware, though! RefWorks – as you can see from the message below – are still working on a few details:

“APA 6th style is not a major change from APA 5th output style.  The new version does not use the database name with the exception of ERIC documents (reports).  We have removed the database field from all reference types with the exception of reports.

The new edition of APA has changed the manner in which authors are to be listed in the text and in the reference list. The new reference list guidelines state that when there are seven or more authors there should only be seven authors presented. When there are more than seven authors the first six are to be listed, ellipses added after the sixth, and the last author added at the end.  In order for RefWorks to adhere to these changes, we will need to make modifications to our current Output Style Editor which will require program development.  In the short-term, our new APA style will list all authors and will require the user to manually remove the extra authors and add the ellipses.

The new guidelines allow for the inclusion of up to five authors in the first instance of an in-text citation and the use of the first author with ‘et al.’ in all subsequent citations of the same reference. This too, will require APA specific development in RefWorks.”

If you have any comments please pass them on to the RefWorks administrator for Loughborough who is Frank Parry at f.parry@lboro.ac.uk


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EBSCO, our providers of the INSPEC database has launched enhanced search and display features for scientific formulas. Previously a formula would be displayed as H sub 2 O. Searching on a formula also required this format. Now searchers can use natural language queries for formulas and the results display in a more readable format too. Take a look at these before and after examples.

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TicTocs  logo

TicTocs logo

 I tried out the TicTocs Journal Table of Contents service this morning. Wow. You can search 12,000 journals from 430 publishers and, faster than you can say Gail Trimble, Corpus Christi you have the TOCs matching your search terms.  It’s even faster to load relevant references into RefWorks.  You can retrieve the full text where we have a subscription and you can also import RSS feeds into your favourite feed reader such as Google Reader or BlogLines. Access is from www.tictocs.ac.uk. It is a free service but registering enables you to store your newsfeeds.

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One of our readers has reported problems accessing the Web of Science following the recent upgrade. A note from the provider advises the following: “For any users who experience problems with access to service since the upgrade we advise clearing cookies”.

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The Library has extended access to the Royal Society of Chemistry journals to cover all titles published by the RSC. This ensures coverage back to 1997 (earlier in a couple of cases).

To view the content visit the journals page on the RSC website. Access is direct on campus, or via the Remote Working Portal off campus.

The Library Catalogue and “Find E-Journal” services will be updated to incorporate this change.

Remember, that older articles can be accessed via the RSC Archive on MetaLib.

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Good news for searchers of the ACM Digital Library, finding stuff has just got easier.

Take for example a simple search on smartphones. The results screen now displays information about related conferences, special interest groups as well as ACM magazines and journals in tabs at the top, as well as whole host of refine options along the side. Bibliometric information for each result indicates how many downloads and citations have been made to an article which is useful.

There is also a more social side to the Digital Library too with the addition of ‘ACM author pages’. See for example, Prashanth Mohan‘s page.

If you have not used the DL for a while – take a look and let us know what you think. Remember to log in to the Remote Working Portal if you are off campus!

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It is now easier to import your references from MetaLib into RefWorks. In fact, it’s as easy as one, two three…

  1. Select items to be added to My Space by clicking on the basket symbol.
  2. In My Space select all items and then click on send/save selected.
  3. From the drop-down menu next to record format select RefWorks.

And that’s it!  Try it and let us know how you get on.

If you need more advice about RefWorks here is a link to the LEARN page or why not contact your Academic Librarian to see how RefWorks can help you?

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