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EBSCO, our providers of the INSPEC database has launched enhanced search and display features for scientific formulas. Previously a formula would be displayed as H sub 2 O. Searching on a formula also required this format. Now searchers can use natural language queries for formulas and the results display in a more readable format too. Take a look at these before and after examples.


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The Library has extended access to the Royal Society of Chemistry journals to cover all titles published by the RSC. This ensures coverage back to 1997 (earlier in a couple of cases).

To view the content visit the journals page on the RSC website. Access is direct on campus, or via the Remote Working Portal off campus.

The Library Catalogue and “Find E-Journal” services will be updated to incorporate this change.

Remember, that older articles can be accessed via the RSC Archive on MetaLib.

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The University of Nottingham has produced a set of videos about each of the elements on the periodic table.

To view the introductory video click on play below:

How useful was this for you? Do you know of any other videos in your field? If so, share them here!

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RSC Project Prospect

Searchers of the Royal Society of Chemistry‘s site might be interested in a development known as Project Prospect.  It is billed as the opportunitiy to “see science come alive” through carefully inserted hyperlinks to IUPAC terminology, ontology terms and compound information.

Articles which have been ‘enhanced’ in this way display a link to “enhanced HTML article (Prospect View)”.  To see an example, view the paper by Villar et al and ‘mouse over’ the “toolbox” area of the screen. Click on the desired coloured highlight e.g. “show compounds” to reveal that information. Each highlighted entry hyperlinks to corresponding information.

The toolbox also allows for “advanced features” including ‘find citing articles’, ‘download to Endnote’ etc.

Why not try it for yourself and post a message here to let others know what you think of it!

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